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Introducing Hussle

The Resume-less Recruiting Solution

We think there's a better way to recruit and hire, and it starts with the following assumptions...

Resumes are terrible when it comes to stating qualifications

The space on a resume is often limited, making it challenging for applicants to showcase their full range of skills and qualifications. This can result in a potential mismatch between the candidate and the job, and may lead to missed opportunities for both parties.

Resumes are tedious and time-consuming to review

As the war for talent rages on, efficiency is everything. Reviewing resumes can be a real time sink. The most experienced professionals can spend 20 to 30 minutes on a single resume looking for anomalies, understanding nuances, and searching for key skills.

Resumes can lead to many unwarranted disqualifications

Don't dismiss candidates based solely on their resumes. A gap in employment could be due to a military spouse or caring for a sick relative, demonstrating loyalty and selflessness. Recruiters should consider these qualities and the full story before making decisions.

There are new and better ways to evaluate applicants

Set aside the resume and raise the profile of each application. With Hussle Resume-less Recruiting, you reap the benefits of a new, innovative process without having to invest the time to develop new systems because we can integrate directly into your process.

Are you hiring?

Get in touch with us to learn more about how Resume-less Recruiting can help.